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Investing in black-owned businesses is investing in the future

Investing in black-owned businesses is investing in the future

As the world increasingly acknowledges the importance of fostering diversity, equity and inclusion, the Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) emerges as a beacon of change. 

With an unyielding focus on economic growth, wealth disparities and generating opportunities for Black communities, investing in Black-owned businesses takes the spotlight as a powerful catalyst for societal advancement.

By magnifying the significance of investing in Black-owned businesses, GBIS will reshape the business landscape into one that embraces inclusivity, advances communities, and drives sustainable economic progress.

Anticipate a multitude of exciting offerings at the GBIS:

  • Championing Growth – The summit rallies entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders to promote economic growth, wealth equality, and opportunities for Black communities.
  • Powerful Catalyst – Investing in Black-owned businesses takes center stage as a driver for societal advancement and sustainable economic progress.
  • Global Venue – GBIS takes place in Dubai, from November 30 to December 1, offering a prime platform for global engagement and networking.
  • Resourceful Collaboration – Hosted by the esteemed Black Impact Foundation (BIF) and organized by Energy Capital & Power, GBIS connects stakeholders for impactful collaborations.
  • Informative Sessions – Through panel discussions, workshops, and presentations, GBIS equips Black individuals and companies with valuable insights on financial markets, investment strategies, profitability, and business management.
  • Brand Showcasing – GBIS provides Black-owned businesses unique opportunities to promote and showcase their brands to a global audience, boosting brand awareness.
  • Networking Hub – Unparalleled networking opportunities abound, from cocktail receptions to investor-led lunches, fostering connections across the global economy.
  • Investor-Entrepreneur Confluence – The event not only provides a platform where leaders and innovators can meet but facilitates opportunities for dialogue and deals. GBIS is committed to shed a spotlight on investing in the global Black community, and through the event’s global focus, will ensure entrepreneurs have access to both resources and capital.
  • Encouraging Insights – Participants gain valuable knowledge and tools to drive meaningful change and realize the immense potential within Black-owned businesses.
  • Advancing Diversity and Inclusion – Together, attendees promote diversity, inclusion, and prosperity for all, leading the way in a vital global conversation.

Collectively, participants champion the values of diversity, inclusion, and shared prosperity, taking a leading role in a crucial global dialogue.

Together, we can drive meaningful change, promote diversity and inclusion, and create a prosperous future for all. Don’t miss this chance to be at the forefront of this important global conversation.

To secure your participation at this important, high-level event, register now at

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Investing in black-owned businesses is investing in the future – BIF
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